'Survivor: One World' reunion: Colton Cumbie gets a shot at redemption and blows it


The "Survivor: One World" reunion special is largely Colton-focused, which is annoying. The first part of the reunion show is pretty firework-free. Even Leif and Troyzan are not seeming mad that Kim won (they were the two votes for Sabrina). Everyone seems to agree that Kim is a deserving winner. Which is true. Colton's Shot at RedemptionBut then. Colton time. He owns what he said and he says it made him uncomfortable. And he says he saw himself being a very, very mean person. Jeff presses him whether he's the racist bigot we saw on the show. His defense is that he would make out with Shemar Moore faster than any woman. Um, that doesn't make you not a racist dude. Notice how Bill was not laughing at that? Saying any kind of "I have a black friend" type thing does not make you not a racist. And then Colton cracks that once he left,...



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