'Girls' recap: Episode 5

HBOMarnie and Charlie deal with the fallout of Charlie reading Hannah's journal. This week's "Girls" was all about breakups ... well, breakups and weird sex, but mostly breakups. Last week ended with Charlie and Ray performing an entry from Hannah's journal, which was full of observations about Charlie's "smothering love." This week starts with Charlie demanding Hannah read her journal (she defends that it's more of a notebook than a journal, as it contains notes for her book) to Marnie, then storming out. (Love the framed illustration of the piece of cake in their apartment. Carrie Bradshaw had an illustration of a purse in her apartment, of course Hannah would have cake.) Marnie, who has clearly not been happy in her relationship with Charlie, then tracks down Ray to get Charlie's address (because she has never been to his apartment) so she can pull the look-how-hot-I-am-in-this-party-dress-I'd-never-wear-other-than-to-get-you-back move. Not surprisingly, Charlie, he of no spine, falls for it.  Read More...

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