The Mentalist: Season 1 Episode 4: "Ladies in Red"

Again, in this episode, Lisbon muttered the words, "My sincere apologies for our consultant." It continued the opening season featuring Simon Baker as Patrick Jane. Jane's unconventional intellectual leadership on the crime fighting team was again a delightful and interesting experience for the viewer.

The pivot point of this episode was Jane mentoring Rigsby about seduction. Jane bet Rigsby he could seduce any woman at the victim's funeral. Rigsby sarcastically chose the widow. Jane inappropriately approached the widow and ended up in hot water with Minelli (Lisbon's boss). However, in true Mentalist style, the widow called and wished to drop the charges and see Jane in person. Jane protected the widow from several situations, including her dead husband's lawyer, and gained her trust. He and the team found out the victim was actually broke, leaving his wife and daughter in deep debt. In addition to financial surprises, the team also discovered the victim's fiancee and the fiancee's lost diamonds. Finally, the victim's daughter was kidnapped for the most suspenseful moments in the episode.

Set in San Francisco, this plot highlighted Jane's detachment from romance, another strength in a crime fighter's arsenal. It was demonstrated throughout as the team suspected he was falling for the victim's widow. We saw his ability to keep a cool head in situations where most of us would not. This episode was crafted well and is worth the hour.


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