'Real Housewives of New Jersey' Recap: The Meanest Angel Ever

Last time we saw the Housewives, they attended a disastrous Solstice party. Now, the aftermath. Kathy and Caroline, because they have little else to discuss, tell their husbands about it in the privacy of their own camera-filled cars. In an interview, Caroline calls Melissa, "a younger, better version of [Teresa,] and that's the problem." In the Wakile car, Rich suggests Kathy drop Teresa, who continues to be in denial about any of her problems. Albert, Caroline's husband, says he wants to be Switzerland, because when it comes to drama Switzerland don't give a f**k.

Rich, somewhat wisely, compares Teresa to arm cancer or something. Basically an arm, like family, is close, but when you get cancer in your arm you cut it off (is that what you have to do? Cut the whole arm off? I hope I never get arm cancer). Basically, even though she's family and Kathy wants to make peace, Teresa should be cut off.



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