'Mad Men' Season 5 Episode 509 'Dark Shadows': Betty's big fail


After seeing everything that the new Mrs. Draper has -- a beautiful apartment, an hourglass figure, a tender love Don never showed her -- Betty Francis' (January Jones') knee-jerk reaction was to spray Reddi-Wip right into her mouth -- then spit it out. After she gave things a little more thought, she came up with a better idea.Sunday's (May 13) episode of "Mad Men" was mostly about people -- Betty, Don, Megan, Michael, Peggy, Pete -- not getting what they want. A fittingly ironic theme for the show as the timeline rolled through Thanksgiving 1966.Betty's better idea was to drop a bomb -- more of a grenade -- on daughter Sally (Kiernan Shipka); one that she thought would blow up in Megan and Don's happy faces. But Betty -- like husband Henry, who backed the wrong horse in his political career -- miscalculated. Megan, as we viewers know, already knew about Anna Draper -- Don's...



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