The Mentalist: Season 1 Episode 5: "Redwood"

Set in a small redwood town, the last line of this episode was "anything can happen on TV. Where have you seen that done in real life...?" This ended an episode that was less complex than the previous shows in season one, but no less enjoyable.

The mystery in this story surrounded two teen best friends, Kara and Nicole. When Kara was stabbed to death and Nicole went missing, the CBI was called in to take over the investigation. One of this series' favorite character archetypes was brought back in—the small-town sheriff. Not far into the episode, Nicole appeared in a store clutching a knife and covered in blood. The plot concerned Patrick Jane helping Nicole to regain her memory and the revelation of who killed Kara.

I did find myself able to predict the final outcome, but the journey was still a great joy. I loved the redwood trees, as I remembered them from my childhood. The whole red theme is delightful, and I find myself wondering how red will be worked in to the next episode. It is a constant silent character—the color red—signifying blood and the series' ultimate villain, Red John.


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