The Killing Recap: Casino Teen

It seems pretty clear by now that the casino folks were involved in Rosie’s Larsen’s murder and that it was tied somehow to the waterfront development contracts that Mayor Adams has been trying to get pushed through. Because that’s what we all originally signed on for with this show, right? A drawn-out government conspiracy plot buckling under the weight of red tape? Sexy or original it is not, but at least there seems to be a momentary shortage of red herring in the frozen fish section.

In fact, this episode was full of action, relatively speaking. Everyone’s searching for something. Linden needs to find Holder, even if it costs her badge and subsequently, her son. Stan needs to find answers and some peace. Richmond needs to find, er, a convincing alibi and a better press secretary and also just a life because I’ve never seen a political candidate who had fewer friends. Even grumpy Nixon had more people whom he could call for a nice wiretapped chat. Read More...


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