Girls Recap: All for the Story

We pick up shortly after last week’s episode. Hannah and Charlie and Marnie are all still fighting over the diary debacle. WhenCharlie storms out, taking his (very nicely made) coffee table with him, this actual diamond falls out of Hannah’s mouth. "Hey, Marnie, if you had read the essay and it wasn’t about you, do you think you would have liked it? Just as like a piece of writing?" Hannah Horvath, I love you, you sick fuck.

This episode is all about doing things in search of astory, or the idea of a story. Hannah wants to know if her "story" (really just an account of her life)is any good, despite what it’s done to Marnie’s life. Marnie wants the fairy-tale love story. Jessa wants the sex revenge story. Hannah wants the boss sex story, even though she isn’t actually interested in having sex with Richard Masur. (Who, by the by, deserves a golf clap for sticking around for a second episode.) Read More...


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