Mad Men 5.09 "Dark Shadows" Review

While the title of this episode of Mad Men could be perfect timing for the new Johnny Depp movie that was released this weekend (and is based on a TV show that debuted in 1966) it has much less to do with pop culture and more to do with what threats are lurking. This darkness is real and imaginary as light or the absence of it is used to highlight insecurities and challenges.

The episode opens with Betty (January Jones) making a snack in the dark; is this a snack because she didn't eat much for her real dinner? This is only the second time that Betty has appeared this season and she is slightly slimmer than when we last saw her, but there is still a major issue with food and control. Betty has always had food problems; when she was with Don she barely ate and since Don has remarried she has lost this element of control. The Weight Watchers group that Betty is attending is almost like therapy as they are encouraged to discuss whether they have had a good or a bad week in regards to the food they have eaten and the emotions that they are feeling. Betty has a very strong emotional reaction to seeing Don (Jon Hamm) and Megan's (Jessica Paré) apartment and seeing the new Mrs Draper changing clothes. Megan is not only younger, but she has an amazing figure too and this would make any ex feel bad. This leads to Betty eating whipped cream straight from the can and then spitting it out; once again in the dark of her kitchen. Read More...


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