'Survivor: One World's' Chelsea Meissner: Troyzan voted for Sabrina out of spite


Chelsea Meissner finished in third place on "Survivor: One World," not receiving any votes from the final jury. She tells Zap2it in her exit interview that that didn't surprise her after the final Tribal Council.Was "Survivor" everything you hoped or expected it would be?Oh, man. Honestly, like when I first went out there, I didn't expect to make it nearly as far as I did. I didn't expect to have the close bonds with people that I did. I expected the game to be really hard and having to use all my physical and mental strength the whole time. But I think at the end I've gained eighteen close, close friends and looking back it was awesome. It was very fun to watch, it brought my family really close together to watch it every week."Were you surprised not to get any votes from the jury? "No, I wasn't surprised. How the final jury went, I...



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