'The Killing': Internal turmoil threatens the investigation


Don't worry, Holder's okay, but it takes a desperate search team one weary night on Native American soil to track him down, and the outcome isn't exactly happy. Sunday night's (May 13) episode of "The Killing" begins with the hunt for a missing cop and ends with a fallen one.After enduring an epic beating from its gatekeepers, Detective Holder (Joel Kinnaman) lies broken and beaten somewhere in the darkness of an island reservation, and Detective Linden (Mirielle Enos) desperately convinces her department to send out the dogs to track him down. He's found unconscious at the trunk of a tree, and immediately taken to the hospital, where his sister and her son cling to his side. While noticeably upset with Linden when she pays her partner an emergency room visit, Holder's sister hands over the matchbook note from a casino maid who has details on Rosie Larsen's backpack. She says Holder asked her to pass...



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