Private Practice Season Finale Review “Gone, Baby, Gone”

Grey’s Anatomy is good at the shocking, jaw dropping season finales, and Private Practice can really dish out the sad, gut wrenching deaths.

So Amelia is finally having her baby, and she’s doing it the super-duper hard way. No drugs, no friends, assuming she’ll never actually see the baby she’s giving birth to. And then she starts babbling about a unicorn baby leaving the audience to wonder if she’s cracked under the emotional strain of what she has to do, or if part of the baby’s condition gives him unicorn like features. It was a really nice moment when she finally let Addison come in and help her through her labor. It illustrated not only how close they were but how long they’ve known each other to see how quickly Amelia regressed, calling her Addy and leaning on her like her life depended on it.

It’s hard to pin-point the most heartbreaking moment of her tiny baby’s life. When he starts squeaking because without his brain he can’t cry, which would be really cute if it wasn’t so horrifically sad? When, after all his organs are harvested, Sam thanks him then wipes the blood from the corner of his tiny, tiny mouth? Or when, as he struggles to breath and Amelia realizes her time with her son is over she tells him he’ll see his father in heaven? All terribly sad moments combine to make at least fifteen minutes of pure TV sorrow. Read More... 


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