'House' - 'Holding On': A prank too far, plus Olivia Wilde returns (barely)


The case of the week has become almost incidental to "House" as the series winds down, but it had big ramifications in Monday's (May 14) next-to-last episode -- not so much for the way the patient was treated but for the way he was mistreated.House inadvertently puts the guy -- Skylar Astin as a college student who's hearing the voice of his dead brother -- in danger in one instance, then deliberately goes after him in a fit of misplaced rage over Wilson's refusal to keep undergoing cancer treatment. The end result is a serious kink in House and Wilson's bucket-list plans.We would have thought choking a patient because he'd lost the will to live would be the thing that gets House in real trouble, but it's not: Instead it's the prank he pulls on Foreman involving hockey season tickets* and the hospital's plumbing system. The prank goes very, very awry when the backed-up pipes...



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