Basketball Wives: The Downfall of Western Civilization

A few days ago, Shaunie O'Neal, the high priestess of the Basketball Wives Ya-Ya Sisterhood, offered up (another) apology for the show's trip to crazy town this season. From a woman that claimed that Basketball Wives was a positive show, it was definitely an about-face, likely partially mentioned as a response to the growing criticism of the show and calm the waves of angry tweets crashing on each of the wives. Between the bullying that has been taking place over the last two seasons and the complicitness that all non-involved parties have shown, it's been an especially tumultuous time for Basketball Wives, one that could either make or break the show going forward.

And before tonight's episode, I still had a modicum of hope left that the show would find its way back. It's never been the highest form of entertainment or an especially thoughtful show, but it tended to keep itself in check and things never got that bad, considering. You had the typical thrown objects and screaming matches, of course; it just never became something that you had to worry about. But Tami's behavior tonight, y'all, was so far over the line that I cannot find an analogy appropriate enough to describe it. It was the type of vile, condescending, mean-spirited mean girls type malarkey that you thought everybody left behind in junior high; drunk or not, Tami was not a good person and had no excuse for any of her behavior. Not for arguing with Kesha, not for threatening her, not for taking her purse - none of it. The hypocritical taunting (calling Kesha a childish 30-something while being 40-something and essentially playing keep away), the God complex (making her apologize before getting the purse back), the victim blaming (talking about Kesha's thin skin) were all incredibly gross and unnerving to watch. I believe that reality TV can edit a perception of a person to be different than they actually are, but you have to give them the material to do so; that wasn't a CGI Tami Roman wreaking havoc all over Tahiti. That was real live Tami Roman embarrassing herself, her children, and every black woman in America with her behavior tonight and she has only herself to blame for it. Read More..


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