How I Met Your Mother Finale: Barney's Bride is [.....]!!!!

Ever since last year’s season finale of How I Met Your Mother, fans of the long running sitcom have been clamoring to find out just whom Barney Stinston will marry. Back then we thought, is it possible, could Nora have changed Barney and now they’re going to get hitched? Or could it be someone we hadn’t met yet? Or better yet, could it be the obvious love of his life, Robin?

Well, during the seventh season finale, we were handsomely rewarded for our patience when we found out that…

YES! ROBIN IS BARNEY’S BRIDE!! Excuse us while we do a happy snoopy dance and jump and shout with glee!!

OK, OK, we’re done.

Wait, one more time! Ok, now we're done!

Frankly, it would have been a major let down if Barney’s bride turned out to be anyone other than Robin. Although his relationship and proposal to Quinn (Becki Newton) was great and adorable (especially that magic trick), Barney and Robin belong together and there was really no other viable option to be his bride. We don’t yet know what happened to Quinn or how the pair got to this point but it appears Season 8 of HIMYM will shed some light on these tales. Read More...


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