Lost Girl Review: Searching For Love

Wolves mate for life, but we learned in "BrotherFae of the Wolves" that friendships are not always bonded with the same strength.

With a flashback to the Middle Ages, we get a glimpse of Dyson's former life and his first encounter with the Norn. He was a member of a wolf pack that served a king. When his best wolf friend, Stephen, was ordered to take on a dangerous mission, Dyson went to the Norn to ask her to save his life. The Norn agreed, but only if Dyson would give up his wolf. That was an agreement, he couldn't make.

When Stephen died, the King took his wife, Ciara. Dyson was furious and wanted to fight the King, but the wolf pack stood in the King's protection. And, Dyson left the pack and Ciara behind. Read More...



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