How I Met Your Mother Recap: How Did We Get Here?

This whole season of HIMYM ran to stand still. At the beginning, there was so much promise: This would be Robin’s season. (Finally!) It would revisit the Ted and Robin romance (a positive to some of us). And, based on the conclusion of "Ducky Tie," in which Future Ted suggests that he, Robin, and Barney had no idea what was in store for them, it might actually be the season for Ted to reckon with the fact that the former girl of his dreams was the current girl for Barney. What’s surprising is that most of these plot developments were dispensed with almost immediately. It seems like there was a game of hot potato going on in the writers’ room, and whoever got stuck with the major events — Kevin’s proposal to Robin, Ted’s bid to win Robin back — freaked out and dropped the whole story line.

And, unfortunately, last night’s episode might have been the weakest of all. HIMYM is a dear show, and we want both more for and from it. Which is why it’s hard not to think back and get a little misty-eyed at the memory of season two’s finale, which was a three-episode arc that managed to address Barney’s father fantasies, Ted and Robin’s breakup, and Lily and Marshall’s marriage in a stealthy, clever, funny, and heartfelt way. By comparison, the birth of Marvin WaitForIt Eriksen was a joke. Other than being named after Marshall’s late father, nothing that happened before or after resonated emotionally. Read More...


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