Community “Digital Estate Planning” Review

Happy Community night, everybody! This is the review for the first episode of tonight’s triple header, "Digital Estate Planning". To see the rest of the reviews for the other two episodes, go check to see them!

So…wow. Where to start? I’ve been a little critical of Community this season, as I feel like it’s been a bit inconsistent in its humor so in some episodes, but this installment was firing on all cylinders!

It’s like they made this episode just for me, as they combined two of my favorite things: Video games andBreaking Bad. Pierce is invited (along with the rest of the crew) to his fathers estate in order to receive his inheritance, and is greeted by his father’s right hand man, Gilbert Lawson. Gilbert was played by the incredible Giancarlo Esposito, who is quite a hot commodity in the TV world ever since his career defining performance as Gus on AMC’s Breaking Bad. Esposito had a recurring role on ABC’s Once Upon a Time, and will be the villain on the upcoming NBC program Revolution, but he’s basically reprising his role as Gus here.

Esposito wasn’t even the best part of the episode, as the Greendale Seven was transformed into videogame characters in order to compete for Pierce’s inheritance. This is where the episode really shined. Everything here was pitch perfect. The adorable pixelized representations of the study group in videogame form, the 8-bit remix of the opening theme, everything. The entire episode was a huge love letter not only to fans of this great comedy, but to video games. Read More... 


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