Community “The First Chang Dynasty” Review

Happy Community night, everybody! This is the review for the second episode of tonight’s triple header, "The First Chang Dynasty". To see the rest of the reviews for the other two episodes, go check to see them, along with the rest of my reviews!

So after the first episode of tonight’s Community-palooza was a brilliant and hilarious send-up of video games, I was afraid the second episode would be a huge let-down. While "The First Change Dynasty" didend up being the worst episode of the night, it was still pretty solid.

I think the strength of the episode will really be dictated by how you feel about Ken Jeong and Chang as a character. Chang’s rise to power this season has been kind of fun, but Ken Jeong as an actor is really best in small doses. Maybe you guys feel differently about him, maybe everybody does, but from what I’ve seen on the comments to these reviews and around the internet, people either love him or hate him.

There was about one funny joke for every one that missed. Chang threatening to kill anybody who raised their hand was funny, but the too-long keytar solo was lame. Chang trying to impress and befriend the school’s board members was pretty funny, but then he’d follow it up by inserting "Chang" into a word for the thousandth time. Read More... 


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