Grey’s Anatomy Season Finale 2012 “Flight” Review

The horrible, gut wrenching, sob-inducing death of a main character might be in step with the Grey’s Anatomy finale tradition, but the show runners did mix it up a little this year. In the past the deaths have been drawn out, with the final breath coming in the last moments of the episode. George didn’t even start to code until the credits were about to roll. Dr.Percy (one of the Mercy West interlopers) didn’t die in Bailey’s arms until the last possible moment. So when Lexie closed her eyes before the episode even hit the half-way mark I was ready to believe the whole crash was a dream sequence. Surely they wouldn’t end the suspense that had been building on message boards and in offices all week? Or course the suspense continued after the extremely gray Mark was revealed to have massive internal injuries and Arizona kept coughing up blood. Read More... 


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