Final Episode of Season TWO Ends In Stupidity !

If you want to see what may possibly be the stupidest ending to this otherwise riveting season of "Son's of Anarchy" , pay close attention to the last twenty minutes. Without spoiling this episode for anyone, I will say this, It takes 10 seconds or less to walk in a store and shoot somebody, it does not take an entire Biker Gang to chase down one guy in an old sedan, and finally ANY BIKER CAN HOT WIRE A BOAT! That's all I have to say other than shoot the writer !!!!


Default avatar cat
Feb 26, 2010 3:45PM EST

Ah, but then what would they base Season 3 on? It'd turn into Dexter having the same old story with new faces.

Default avatar cat
Feb 28, 2010 12:25PM EST

I'm not saying that they couldn't have ended it the way they did; but they could have made it more plausible. For Instance, the Bigfo bad guy could have taken a Girl Scout hostage in the food mart generating a huge Law Enforcement response which combined with a phone call would've been much easier to swallow. A tractor trailer could've jack knifed allowing bad guy #2 to sail to Dublin at the last minute, or my personal favorite scenario is that the "crew" could've run out of gas in a hot wired boat in the middle of the harbour, just as they were about to catch up to bad guy#2. Then the same last scene could have played out on the deck of the "gasless" boat, causing the entire season finale to close on a more credible not.Ya know, like a real "Hollywood" writer wrote it instead of a 5 year old kid in grade school.

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