Mob Wives: Chicago: Meet the Cast

Mob Wives: Chicago, the spin-off to VH1's popular reality series Mob Wives, has been shrouded in secrecy for quite a while. Though a quick Google search will give you details of the cast and the places they've filmed,  there's yet to be a tone established. It could very easily follow in the footsteps of its mothership, balancing rough-and-tumble antics with personal growth, or it could very easily go to the extremes of Basketball Wives, putting the amount of violence and gossip above all else.

The just-released clips may not give us much to go on a only 15 seconds, five of which were taken up by tags/music, but it's definitely a start toward getting to see the ladies in action. The first promo that was released didn't have any dialogue or group interactions, so it's good to have a few quick words from Renee, Pia, Christina, Leah, and Nora. It's a lot of reaffirming things that were announced upon the casting reveal, i.e. Pia's father is a rat, Nora's father was a hit man, etc., but again, at least you get a feel for their demeanor and how they'll be on camera. Read More...


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