Glee Review: We Are The Champions

Glee is the champion, my friends. The show kept on fighting until the almost-end. Glee is the...okay. Enough of that. You get the picture, right?

While I didn't love every single minute of tonight's two hour smorgasbord of song, season 3 is certainly attempting to finish stronger than it started.

Let's talk about what I didn't like from each of tonight's two episodes and go ahead and get that nastiness out of the way, shall we?

First, from "Props," I really wanted Tina's dream to last longer. It had the potential to be silly and fun and to liven the show up a bit. Imagine how funny it would be to see Puck-as-Blaine belting out a show tune. Instead, we got a literal "sing a solo in someone else's shoes" from Tina-as-Rachel and then Tina woke up and suddenly understood what it must be like to be Rachel Berry. Really? That's the best you can do? Read More...


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