Cougar Town Recap: Giving Thanks

It’s hard to know for sure if last night’s double dose of Cougar Town felt extra-sweet just because the episodes themselves were written that way, or because we now know that the Cul-de-Sac Crew is safe and sound, having found a new home for next season’s episodes on TBS. It’s probably a bit of both. The second episode’s opening scene — which featured a tongue-in-cheek reference to the fact that the group "missed" Thanksgiving this year and weren’t sure whether or not they were sticking around — certainly felt like a knowing nod of relief shared between the writers, the cast, and the audience. I know the normal saying is "sigh of relief," but I don’t like that version as much, so I’m changing it.

The central arcs of these episodes brought us, and the couple themselves, closer to the wedding of Jules and Grayson, who moved in together and (sort of) began work on writing their vows. Their wedding is just four TV months off, and though they have proved their effectiveness as teammates, Jules and Grayson have work to do to prove (mostly to themselves, but also to us) that they can be partners. Yes, it took a weirdly and improbably selective hurricane destroying Grayson’s house to get him to move in with Jules. Yes, the question of how best to raise Tampa is more complex than anything solved last night. But considering the number of diversions one is likely to encounter in Gulfhaven on any given day, and the pressure to keep one’s white shirt clean while doing so, Jules and Grayson are making progress at a pretty reasonable rate. Read More...


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