Glee Recap: Leg Warmers and Massive Arcs of Fire

Something I learned from watching the Glee cast's appearance on Inside the Actors Studio (aside from how deeply disquieting it is to watch Matthew Morrison break-dance) is that Ryan Murphy uses his scripts to communicate with his actors — Jane Lynch claims that she's able to tell whom Murphy's mad at just by reading that week's script. One wonders, then, what message Murphy was trying to send the cast (who'll be back for next year's show-on-top-of-a show) by putting together an hour of television that constantly reiterated the importance of realizing you're not all that special and totally being okay with that. But I'm getting ahead of myself.

Straight off: I love that Tina has been so underutilized that they needed to explain who she is and how long she's been around in the "previously on" montage, and I love how three years' worth of rejection are effectively encapsulated in less than a minute. I also love how a few minutes later, there's a shot of Rachel singing the lyric "when I look into your eyes" to her own reflection. I'm not sure if this was an intentional reminder of how awful Rachel can be, but it definitely ensured that I was squarely on Tina's side when she flipped out in the choir room. When Mike stormed out behind her, though, did anyone feel like the black shirt and fedora combination aged him ten or twelve years? Read More...


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