Glee Recap: Commemorative Plaques All Around

According to Sue, "We are entering the Hunger Games of show choir competition." While I do sort of wish that this episode had been one part singing competition and one part fight to the death (if only because I feel like what The Hunger Games ultimately failed to give us was West Side Story–style dance fighting), "Nationals" is exactly what Glee, at its best, is capable of delivering: Singing teenagers. Some feelings. Some jokes. I even cried once!

Will is overwrought for basically the entire episode — right off the bat, he crows to Emma, "But [the New Directions kids] never get to win!!" Right, except for sectionals three times and regionals twice. Good point, Will. He goes on to wonder if all his hard work was enough. This year I've seen Will work hardest at planning his wedding and writing words on dry-erase boards, so I feel like maybe it wasn't? Everyone rehearses and yells at everyone else (funny how a few seasons back Will told the kids he was ashamed of them for yelling before a competition and now he's praising their intensity) and then things get solemn as everyone remembers that this is the moment, etc. It's a sequence of events that seems prime for a musical montage; weirdly, Glee doesn't get as many of those as one would think. This is my formal request for more montages in season four, beginning with a shot-for-shot remake of the "Push it to the Limit" montage from Scarface. Read More...


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