Veep: Spoilers for June Episodes

Surprisingly enough, the Veep has had a couple of victories lately. Granted, for each one of them, there's a "yoghurt"-type incident to trip her back up, but she got her man on the Clean Jobs Bill, thanks to a rather smart ploy by Dan. And right now, her focus is still on getting a piece of legislation passed in her name, in order to gain positive press, impress the President, and pave the way for future projects. Oh, and help people, too, but that's...not exactly high up on the list.

Coming up on Veep, though, Selina will see that the Clean Jobs Bill might not have been the legislation to back as strongly as she has, especially considering the possible Congressional hearing it inspires.

Below are the initial air dates, episode names, episode descriptions, and repeat dates for the episodes seven and eight of Veep.


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