Suburgatory 1.22 "The Motherload" Review

There are basically two types of season finales that can put into play, depending on a variety of factors. The first type is the clean finale, one that ties up loose ends, corrects mistakes, and generally finds each of the main characters in a pretty favorable place going forward. It might not make for the most compelling of television, but a clean finale is best utilized when a show is truly on the bubble or knowingly ending once and for all. A bubble show ending cleanly calms the inevitable firestorm of "Save Our Show" campaigns that pop up every May, while a show ending for good can spend its final moments basking in the happy and celebrating the characters we've all grown to love. Whereas a messy finale (like Suburgatory), with no (real) conclusions and little warm-and-fuzzy moments to speak of, leaves things hanging until next season, in hopes of making the summer hiatus that much more painful. Read More...


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