'Revenge' Recap: Goodbye Sammy Sweetheart

Note: Do not read on if you have not seen Season 1, Episode 21 of ABC's "Revenge," entitled "Grief."

They say that when it rains, it pours -- especially in the Hamptons.

After last week's filler, "Revenge" picked up right where it left off two weeks ago: Emily is on the hunt for the white-haired man responsible for her father's death. Of course, Conrad couldn't make it any easier for her because it looks like the white-haired man -- and whatever Initiative he's a part of -- are after Mr. Grayson.

Emily wants to track where the white-haired man is hiding, so she plants a camera into one of the books on the bookshelf in her bedroom. No one will ever look in that Orwell book anyway.

Nolan thinks that she's up to something kinky, but actually, Emily plans to send a tape of her and Daniel sleeping to Conrad via email. When Conrad sees it, he automatically thinks that the white-haired man is threatening his family.

Conrad calls the white-haired man and demands that they meet in Brooklyn. I couldn't actually tell if Conrad wanted to protect his son or his family's reputation. The Graysons are already in need of an image makeover. Maybe they can get Lindsay Lohan's people to help out? Ashley seems relatively clueless so far. Read More...



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