America's Next Top Model 18.11 "Jez Smith" Review

You guys, this is basically my relationship with Tyra at this point:

I may not be a pretty blonde teenage girl and she may not be a ghost-faced killer hellbent on my demise (...that I know of), but I'm beginning to think that Bankable Productions has been keeping an eye on me since I began trashing covering Top Model in cycle 16. How else do you explain yet another facet of an article I wrote about the show ending up making it...onto the show? First, that horrible, horrible villain toyed with me, eliminating contestant after contestant that I either loved or thought had the competition on lock (right after I wrote about them!) to let me know that she was coming for me. Now that I've spent a good three cycles cowering in the corner, fearing for my life (and the possibility of an ice-blonde makeover in my future), it looks like she's trying to win back my trust through flattery and inclusion of an idea I had to improve the show back in cycle 16. Y'know, before the actively, tauntingly awful all-star cycle and the current cycle, which has shown improvement but not quite climbed into the "legitimate good TV" arena yet. Read More...


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