FILM REVIEW: Men In Black 3 - An Emotional Journey

Rating: ****

I should say upfront that the only alien I’ve ever liked watching on film was cuddly and wanted to phone home, so it was with a heavy heart that I sat down for Men In Black 3. While the original film was undeniably strong, 10 long years had passed from the cash-printing exercise that was its forlorn sequel, and I wasn’t holding out for much this time around.

But, I’m pleased to say… well, a quick shimmy of the plot first, hopefully without giving too much away.

Agents J and K (Will Smith, Tommy Lee Jones) are back in action, with the looming threat of a Boris The Animal, a particularly adept villain, newly liberated from his lunar prison, with evil intent that was only diverted 40 years previously by an heroic K. When Boris jumps back in time to wrong these rights, J must jump there too (quite literally) to save the world, and his partner. Read More...


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