30 Rock “What Will Happen to the Gang Next Year?” Review

First question/observation- who in the world is coming through Liz Lemon’s window daily to greet her with a wake up kiss?!?!

It looks like this week’s episode of 30 Rock picked up right where we left off as Criss is still sporting bruises from his fuzzy muppet beating and as determined as ever to earn his keep as a man by selling hot dogs.

Despite Liz’s pop culture-based warnings against it, Avery and Jack are renewing their vows. In need of an officiate, Jack asks Liz to perform the ceremony and we get a really funny snapshot into what "marital bliss" looks like. Indeed, it was strange to imagine Jack and Avery renewing their vows in front of her mother, who Jack kissed. By the way, I loved Liz’s plans to use Jack’s Yankees tickets on A-Rod bobble head for the sole purpose of throwing it in front of a subway because she’s a Phillies fans. I’m not a big baseball fan but as a Philadelphia resident, I appreciate her loyalty. Despite Avery’s forgiveness, things were as awkward as ever with her mother. Read More...



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