Fairly Legal “Shattered” Review – Ben or Justin? How Will Kate Choose?

In this episode of Fairly Legal, called "Shattered," Kate is mediating a case that ends up being a lot more complicated than it first appears. In other words, it’s pretty much business as usual for her once again. A nurse is being blamed for a man’s broken hip and the one witness they have to prove that the nurse is innocent also just happens to be a woman who is a wanted fugitive for a bombing twenty years ago.

Oh and Ben’s ex-girlfriend is the one trying to sue the nurse. See? Like I said – completely normal.

Speaking of Ben and Kate, I am so confused I don’t know exactly what to think about this whole situation. Do I want Kate and Ben to get together? Or do I want Kate and Justin to get back together? If you’d ask me this question a couple of episodes ago, the answer would have been simple – Kate and Justin all the way.

But the more we’ve learned about Ben, the more he’s grown on me. And last week when Kate was all excited for their date, I started seeing how they could maybe be good together. But then she slept with Justin and now we have ourselves a classic lover’s triangle. I guess I should be happy. The fact that I like both of them means that whichever guy she ends up with, I’ll be happy, right? Though the fact that I like both of them also means that whichever guy she ends up hurting, I’m going to feel heartbroken for them. Dangit, I just can’t win. Read More...



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