Common Law (USA) “Ride-Along” Review – More Fighting Leads to More Case-Solving

In this episode of Common Law, called "Ride-Along," Dr. Ryan does exactly that. Seeing as how she always observes couples at home and for Wes and Travis, their work is their home, Dr. Ryan goes along with the guys for a day to see them in their own environment.

The case involves an apparent suicide that quickly turns into a murder and a case of stolen identity. The woman in question was the mistress of a guy who launders money for gunrunners, but it wasn’t them who killed her. Turns out the wife wasn’t too happy with the arrangement and accidentally tossed the mistress off the balcony during a fight. Of course that’s not the end of it though and Travis and Wes have to end up saving the murderess, her money-laundering idiot of a husband – all while arresting the gun-running bad guys. It’s a very productive couple of days. Read More... 


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