Bob’s Burgers “Beefsquatch” Review

Although my favorite character on Bob’s Burgers seems to change on a weekly basis, Gene most frequently finds himself in the top spot of my personal list. I had thought that "Beefsquatch" would be the Gene-centered episode that would make me commit to Gene and never look back, but it didn’t go quite the way I had expected.

Gene finally caught his big break in entertainment thanks to his video-bombing of Bob’s guest chef submission tape for a local morning show, "Get On Up with Chuck and Pam." Seeing the potential for Bob and the Beefsquatch to go viral, Chuck and Pam began to regularly feature Bob and Gene on their show.

Putting Bob and Gene on TV together fueled a father-son rivalry in which both characters seemed to be competing to become the biggest jerk first. Bob was butthurt about Gene stealing the spotlight, so he let himself get wrapped up in a petty competition with Gene. Gene let fame get to his head and lost any small shred of humility that he might have possessed before. Read More... 


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