Game of Thrones: “The Prince of Winterfell” Review

Yep, this was another good one—and yet another episode that may leave fans of the show and book purists divided. That sort of comes with the territory now though, doesn’t it?

Me? Loved it. My disappointment at the removal of one particular iconic scene (warning: I’ve decided "iconic" is my word of the day) from the book was washed away by Robb and Talisa, and by the exquisitely heartbreaking look on Bran’s face at the very end of the episode. Voop! Disappointment gone.

But more on that later. Can we talk about next week first? Because everyone else is. The setup for next week’s eagerly anticipated episode "Blackwater" is so palpable that some hardly paid attention to the intricate little setup details in this one. Not only does it look thoroughly badass (A Clash of Kings indeed), but it’s the episode George R.R. Martin penned himself. So it’s really like a double win for fans of the books and fans of this epic television series. Read More... 


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