Mad Men “Christmas Waltz” Review

If anyone’s been wondering over the past few weeks, no, Lane Pryce didn’t go back to England after his epic fight with Pete, and it’s a good thing because in "Christmas Waltz," this week’s episode of Mad Men, we learned that he somehow owes the British government 8,000 pounds in taxes. To put that in context, the Jaguar that featured in the episode, referred to as the best car in the world, cost less than $6,000. Even factoring in conversion rates…Lane found himself up the proverbial creek.

His only paddle was his ability to take out a massive loan for the company and pretend it was a well-timed surplus. With that, he planned to distribute Christmas bonuses to everyone, including himself. It didn’t quite work out as the other partners agreed not to take a bonus, so he ended up having to forge Don’s signature on a check. Yeah…embezzlement is never the right answer, Lane! I’m not sure how I feel about this. While I realize that desperation drives people to do insane things, I really liked having one male character on the show who was a decent bloke. On a related note, how can England tax him while he’s living and working in America? I guess my understanding of the British tax system of 1966 isn’t as complete as I thought. Unless he owes back taxes. I’m going to go with that, mostly so that we can move on. Read More... 


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