The Simpsons “Lisa Goes Gaga” Review

Lady Gaga took The Simpsons by storm – a diamond teardrop, glitter-infused storm. Upon learning that Springfield was home of the tomb of the unknown mascot and had the lowest self-esteem of any place on the planet, Gaga decided that it was her solemn duty as a celebrity to provide some temporary cheer to the town.

Meanwhile, Springfield Elementary was holding its annual popularity awards. I loved the look of shock and excitement on Bart’s face when he won a popularity award. Did he actually kiss Lisa? I also liked the nice little dig at Glee the writers worked into the bit. Sadly, Bart’s joy was a short-lived triumph for The Simpsons as Lisa was officially named the most unpopular student at Springfield Elementary. Surely Milhouse can’t be more popular than Lisa, right? In an effort to boost her spirits, Lisa created an anonymous id on the Springfield Elementary message board in an effort to improve her reputation. Unfortunately, Bart discovered her secret and outed her to the school as the "Truth Teller" whose pro-Lisa messages boosted her popularity. Nelson’s chastising and comparison of Lisa’s actions to his mother sticking money in her own g-string at the strip club was hilarious. Read More... 


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