Basketball Wives Sneak Peek: Jennifer and Kenya Bring the Tension to Tahiti

The Basketball Wives always seem to act up on vacation. In each of the first three seasons, some type of major confrontation happened, whether it be physical (Tami hitting Meeka in Italy) or otherwise. It came as no surprise that the trip to Tahiti wrought drama, with the ladies being stranded on an island together, but last week's episode might have been the most outrageous yet. How in the world could they follow a relentless, disturbing hour like that?

By bringing back Jennifer and Kenya, two ladies whose mere presence ruffles Evelyn's feathers. And it doesn't take much time (at all) for "the circle" to work itself into a lather at the thought of having a "talk" with each. At this point, everybody, listening to Evelyn, Tami, and Shaunie go on about not liking drama, clearing the air, and talking to each other calmly is just silly and insulting to the viewer. You know and I know that the second Evelyn gets around Jennifer and Kenya (or Tami gets around Kesha), all bets will be off and something drastic will happen. Read More...


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