Community 3.20, 3.21 & 3.22 Recaps: Digital Estate Planning/The First Chang Dynasty/Introduction to Finality

Tonight’s three-episode feature of Community proved why the show is one of my favorites currently on television. I mean, where else can you have an hour and a half of a video game parody, an Ocean’s 11 homage, and a sandwich shop trial?

Our first hour, "Digital Estate Planning," introduced guest star Giancarlo Esposito as Pierce’s half brother, Gilbert and threw all our Greendale characters into an 8-bit gaming sequence (that, if I may say so myself, bordered on slightly if not totally brilliant.) The group elects that they’re not going to abandon Pierce, nor are they going to let him get screwed over.

In their quest for the Throne of Hawthrone, Abed meets Hilda and agrees to take her out of her horrible video game life. Meanwhile, the group attempts to find ways to survive and win in the video game world. "We can’t get caught up on real world reality," Jeff says matter-of-factly. Gilbert isn’t happy the Greendale group is surviving as well as they are in the game, and attempts to attack them himself. He ends up in an argument with Pierce where he admits he’s his true half-brother. Jeff steps in to give his requisite speech (the first of the evening!) and the group comes to Pierce’s rescue. Pierce eventually reaches an understanding of the situation and asks Gilbert to "kill our dad." In a spectacular show of gaming fun, Gilbert gets the Throne of Hawthrone blown up. Abed comes back for Hilda, and the tag for the episode is a baby (in the game, Abed kept making gaming babies) who actually does mutter "cool, cool, cool." Which is kind of brilliant. Read More...


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