Community Recap: Can’t We All Just Get Along?

I’m extremely thankful last night’s triple-whammy of awes-Chang-ness wasn’t the end of the series, because the final two minutes of "Introduction To Finality" showed a whole lot of promise. Jeff aced his Biology final and was able to remain at Greendale for a little while longer. Pierce and Shirley finally opened their restaurant. Chang spied on City College, peeking at its plans to take out Greendale. Star-Burns read a book called The Science of Death-Faking and Leonard reviewed potato chips with a muscular, shirtless African-American guy mysteriously in the background. But most importantly, Abed put away his Dreamatorium, allowing space, it seemed, for Troy to move back in and possibly have a proper bedroom. (But then, secretly, he entered a makeshift cardboard Dreamatorium and lost himself.) Read More...


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