Eureka “Worst Case Scenario” Review

As a result of the entire Astraeus mission debacle, the DOD is asking Global Dynamics to go through some emergency preparedness drills. You’d think in a town full of so many "accidents" that they would be pros at being ready for anything. But what happens when the computer running the drill decides to take things to the next level? This week’s Eureka also has Fargo and Zane working on a top secret project that is close to Fargo’s heart, and Allison may have to confess a big mistake she made to Jo.

This is not a drill… no seriously it’s a real disaster

The opening for this week’s episode right in the middle of the emergency drill was really exciting and had me drawn in immediately. I give the writers and the visual effects guys a lot of credit for making the entire "emergency" sequence so compelling and also very visually cool (especially Fargo showing his virtual broken leg to Carter). We even get a little flashback to past seasons with how the director’s office at GD will go down to the bunker during an evacuation. The entire simulation of mayhem and destruction is the brainchild of Dr. Clark (played by Eugene Byrd who you may remember as one of the rotating interns onBones) and run by his computer ADA (Advance Disaster Actuator) which decides to kick things up a notch after the drill ends. Read More... 


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