House “Swan Song; Everybody Dies” Review

Well, that’s it everybody. House is done. It’s gone. Forever. After eight seasons, 177 episodes, and millions of viewers that have grown to love this show over the years, we end the show’s spectacular run with the two-part series finale "Swan Song; Everybody Dies". Did the "Two Hour Series Finale Event" deliver on eight years of build up? Read on for my (very long) review to find out!

When I heard that the first hour of the two hour series finale event was going to be an hour long retrospective on the series as a whole, I was a bit disappointed. We had a big cliffhanger last week, so I thought I would have really liked the whole two hours to be focused on resolving the story that we’ve seen building up for eight years. Thankfully, though, I quite liked "Swan Song". We’re welcomed by the dulcet English baritone voice of House himself, Hugh Laurie, as he introduces us to some members of the crew at House, the television production. I quite liked meeting the cast and being able to put faces to all the names we’ve seen during the credits over the years, but I was concerned that the whole episode would be an excuse to pat themselves on the back for the great work they’ve done. However, that wasn’t the case. "Swan Song" did a great job at balancing behind the scenes looks at the cast and crew, character studies of House and friends, and sure, a little bit of self congratulating. Read More... 


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