Movie Review: Elizabeth Banks Deserves Better Than What to Expect

There are many things you could choose to be offended by in What to Expect When You’re Expecting: The fact that pretty much all its female characters define themselves entirely by their ability to have a baby; the fact that all its couples are straight and, well, couples; the fact that its insipid gender dynamics puts almost all the male characters into the same box (as somewhat hapless bystanders who have to then bond with each other while navigating their way around childcare). But perhaps the most offensive thing about the film, based/inspired/whatever on the decades-old pregnancy self-help book, is that it throws so many characters and situations at us and yet goes nowhere. The five couples on display here seem less like an attempt to create variety and more an excuse to avoid developing any one character’s predicament; to focus on one couple might have actually required some narrative ingenuity and drive. Read More...


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