Person of Interest 1.23 'Firewall' Review

There’s a reason why so much of the show’s story is filtered through the eyes of surveillance devices—through the Machine—and why it’s worth talking about week in and week out as one of the characters of the show. This first season of Person of Interest has been driven almost completely by the omnipotent presence of technology and its many uses to be both a blessing and a bane to man’s existence. For the purposes of the series, it brought Reese and Finch together to help people, and now it has separated them in the season’s final moments as the Machine has finally fallen into the wrong hands.

You knew it wasn’t quite going to be business as usual for our team when the show opened up on Reese already being hunted down with the current POI in tow. After that panicked beginning, the show used its own Machine-driven flashback device to take us to an earlier point in the day so we could see how it would all begin to go wrong for Reese and Finch. Stop me if you’ve heard this one before in this first season, but the exact moment it went wrong was the moment the Machine spat out its latest POI for the duo to pursue. As a passionate Joss Whedon fan nothing makes me personally happier than when his alumni get work on shows I watch, so Amy Acker appearing on POI definitely gave this storyline the right balance it needed as she would go on to betray our team in way that will have consequences for the story leading into the next season. Read More...


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