Grimm 1.22 "The Woman in Black" Review

The entire season of Grimm comes down to being able to answer one question: did it fulfill its potential? Ever since its sufficiently creepy pilot, the show has been trying to stretch and grow into something a little more serial and a little more storytelling-based. Everything was there for it to add complexity without taking its foot completely out of the procedural world; it had a base of being interesting visually with an entire world of creatures at its disposal and hundreds of fairy tales to put its big fat signature take on. Establishing a tragic back story for its main hero and power structure for the Wesen world gave Grimm much needed complexity, but it never backed away from using its case load to keep Nick on his toes and constantly learning new skills to protect himself. Going into the finale, after a solid run of 10-12 episodes that hinted at a deeper show that we had seen before, you had to be a little optimistic that this was the time that Grimm would put it together. Read More...


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