Just throwing some ideas around.

Ok how about this one? The Lords of Kobol created a cylon race. The cylon race rebelled against their masters. Kobol wasn't neccessarily radioactive when galactica found it, but an ancient civilization fell. The refugees of that civilization fled to space and formed the twelve colonies. The human cylons that the lords created fled in a different direction. They found a planet to settle on and called it earth. Whether that is our earth is another matter. Then over time the thirteenth tribe evolves. They forget they were Cylon.They make their own cylons to lord over and serve their needs. But once again the machines rebel. They rise up against their masters and Earth is nuked. A civilization is destroyed. It has happened before, it will happen again. Full circle. At least we now know what that old hybrid in 'Razor' meant.


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Jan 23, 2009 12:24AM EST

Throwing more ideas...The "Earth" they just found isn't our Earth. The thirteenth colony built its own type of Cylon, which evolved into human-like form. These Cylons escaped from their masters (us in the future?) and built their own "Earth". But unlike the other twelve colonies, the thirteenth acted first and nuked this Cylon Earth. The 5 were reborn (similar to how the newer Cylons can be reborn, except that they grow old and die and don't remember their previous lives very well). These 5 then traveled somehow to the other twelve colonies. Perhaps they first found the basic model of Cylon and helped it to evolve, and influenced those Cylons to attack the Humans first this time!If all of this is true, then they haven't found true Earth yet, but they will because they're looking for the closest inhabitable planets. The only thing that's confusing to me is Starbuck; if she died and was reborn then isn't she a Cylon too?

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