The Cleveland Show Season Finale Sneak Peeks: Cleveland Jr. Gets a Makeover

Roberta and Cleveland Jr. have never been that close on The Cleveland Show. Whether it be due to their age difference, maturity difference, or the savage beast that is high school popularity, the step-siblings tend to avoid one another for the most part. With Cleveland Jr. spending his time with Rallo (and Larry the Leopard) and Roberta with boyfriend Federline, there's simply no real reason (or chance) for them to come together.

Until now.

On the season finale of The Cleveland Show, titled "All You Can Eat", Roberta gives her stepbrother a makeover as a result of the bullying he goes through. Cleveland Jr. has been a pretty resilient, if naive, character for all that is thrown at him, but it had to break sometime and if it did, it's good to have Roberta there to help him out. But maybe she helped him a little too much, as Cleveland Jr. meets a girl...that thinks he's a girl. And wants to go to prom with him as a statement about LGBT rights. Read More...


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