The Legend of Korra Episode 7 Review: Korra vs Equalist Super-Weapons

This week, Korra got yet another lesson in how tough the Equalists will be to get rid of. Super-weapons, betrayals – it is not a good time to be the young Avatar. The episode starts with Tarrlok talking at a press conference. He says the Equalists don’t want equality, only war, and that Chief Beifong failed them all and that the police need new leadership. I knew I hated that guy.

Korra rides Naga to go and see Mako and Bolin. The stadium, where they live, is being closed after last week’s trouble and destruction, and they have to move out. Korra has sorted everything so that they can come and live at the Air Temple with her and Tenzin’s family but Asami, the rich girlfriend of Mako, has already invited them to come and live with her, in her daddy’s big mansion. I hate rich kids, but at least Mako and Bolin aren’t back on the streets. In fact, from here on out, it’s the lap of luxury, so Bolin thinks. Read More...


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