'The Simpsons' Dan Castellaneta: Homer has come a long way from Walter Matthau


Zap2it: When "The Simpsons" started, Homer sounded like Walter Matthau. Was there any of that in him?Dan Castellaneta: The only reason I just thought of Walter Matthau is because he had a kind of a big mouth, and Homer had a big mouth, and the characters were a little more droopy, and he seemed a little more deadpan like Walter Matthau. As it progressed Homer got a little rounder. His emotions were going all over the place. I sort of just found it by accident. I just found its place.Zap2it: When you are out, say ordering dinner, how often do people recognize your voice?Dan Castellaneta: No, people don't recognize. They may have seen me on TV in an interview situation and put two and two together.Zap2it: On a lot of animation shows, the voices are done separately. How do you get the feel of a regular performance?Dan Castellaneta: By and large everybody is in the...



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